Professional Custom Exhaust and Welding Services in Ford City, PA

Vonderkall’s Auto Service Makes Your Vehicle’s Exhaust Stand Out

The original exhaust system on your car or truck was designed by the vehicle manufacturer to be quiet while still providing performance that meets the manufacturer’s standards. That is fine for most vehicle owners, but your tastes run more toward custom exhausts, which are better performing and can be as loud or as quiet as you would prefer. Vonderkall’s Auto Service can install a custom exhaust system into your domestic or foreign vehicle. Give us a call at (724) 763-7447 or stop by the shop at 2311 Maple Drive in Ford City for our service or to discuss your options.

Added Benefits Include Increased Fuel Economy and Horsepower

With our custom exhaust expertise and welding equipment, Vonderkall’s Auto Service can give you an exhaust with stainless steel or aluminum pipe with flare and awesome sound. But there are added benefits that you might not have thought about, including increased fuel economy, horsepower, throttle response, and, of course, that powerful roar when you step on the gas. If your original exhaust has failed, this gives you an opportunity to upgrade. If you already have a custom exhaust, we can repair, or rework, to get it back in working order.

Installing Custom Exhausts from Leading Manufacturers

Vonderkall’s Auto Service installs custom exhausts from leading manufacturer’s like Flow Master and Magna Flow into foreign and domestic vehicles. We want you to get the performance, quality and value that you desire in your custom exhaust. Jim Vonderkall and his mechanics can also install diesel custom exhausts from major brands. Some of the manufacturers that we partner with include:

How Do You Want to Customize Your Vehicle’s Exhaust?

Vonderkall’s Auto Service utilizes welding equipment, high quality hangers and pipe bending procedures in installing our custom exhausts. We can have the tailpipes coming straight out of the back or at an angle, or behind the wheels depending on the tip design. We stock different styles of exhaust tips to give your vehicle a custom look, including black powder coated, black chrome and polished stainless steel chrome. Contact us if you have any questions.

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